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How To Deal With Hallucinations in Seniors

Senior man sitting on the couch with his hand to his head looking upset and uncomfortable.

Hallucinations, though often associated with conditions like schizophrenia, can also affect seniors due to various factors. These sensory perceptions, which are not grounded in reality, can be disorienting and distressing for both seniors experiencing them and their caregivers. As seniors age, they may become more susceptible to hallucinations due to changes in sensory perception, cognitive […]

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A Sibling’s Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

An older adult woman with her daughter sitting on the couch, smiling and hugging each other.

Caregiving for a parent can be extremely rewarding, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the easiest thing in the world—especially when trying to coordinate care with your siblings. By working together, your family can ensure your parents get the care they deserve, all while supporting each other through the unique challenges associated with caregiving. There […]

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At What Age Can Dementia Set In?

An older adult man with glasses leaning on a windowsill and resting his right hand on the top of a cane while looking out the window with a serious expression

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it helps to seek professional care, like that offered by a memory care community. Dementia can be a complex condition, affecting everything from a person’s memory to their behavior. It’s perfectly natural to want to learn more about it—by learning the signs, symptoms, and more, you can […]

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How Social Connections Keep Seniors Healthy

A group of seniors sitting around a table, eating and enjoying afternoon tea while smiling and chatting with each other

Strong social connections are more than just friendships—they are a way to stay healthy and vibrant long into our golden years. These social connections can help keep older adults healthy by lowering the risk of chronic illness, improving mental health, and slowing cognitive decline.  This isn’t to say that social connections are the magic answer […]

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Why Should Seniors Perform Balance Exercises?

An older adult man and woman smiling while jogging outdoors.

Being able to stay upright and independent is something to be treasured. However, age can sometimes pose unique challenges, making it essential to exercise regularly to keep our bodies, joints, and minds healthy. Fortunately, there’s an answer to help maintain independence and mobility: balance exercises. Balance exercises help give older adults the tools they need […]

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Activities that Can Help Seniors with Dementia

An older adult man sitting on a couch wearing headphones and listening to music.

Dementia can be a challenging condition to manage and cope with for both the individual and their loved ones. A person with dementia may experience changes in their mood and behavior, which can be stressful and confusing. Engaging in certain activities can help those with dementia improve their mental and emotional well-being and reduce the […]

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When Is It Time for Memory Care?

Close-up on a senior man smiling excitedly. He's wearing black glasses and a grey sweater, and the background is blurred

When it comes to caring for our loved ones, our goal is to give them the best care we can. But sometimes, we may no longer be able to help them the way they need—especially when memory impairment comes into play. This is when memory care becomes an excellent option to get your loved one […]

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