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Providing Love, Support, & Understanding

Cognitive impairments can have a serious effect on your loved one’s quality of life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t experience a life full of warmth, compassion, and love. 

With our Connections memory care program, we provide personalized care and support for those living with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and other forms of dementia. Our expert staff is ready to provide all the guidance and help needed to promote optimal health and well-being from the moment your loved one joins our community. 

Unlock a world of possibility today when you book a tour to discover how Connections helps your loved one live life to the fullest.

Welcome to Connections

We understand that living with cognitive impairments such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease can be difficult. That’s why we created our memory care program—Connections—to provide personalized care for your loved one. 

With focus on love, support, and acceptance, we’re trained in modern memory care techniques to give your loved one a comfortable, engaging experience.

The 7 Pillars of Memory Care

We proudly personalize every aspect of your loved one’s experience. To do this, Connections memory care program follows the 7 Pillars of Memory Care to provide compassionate understanding tailored to your loved one’s needs. 

With this approach, families and their loved ones gain access to virtually endless opportunities to connect with each other, grow as humans, and love whatever moments come their way.

True Choice-Based Living

At the Legacy at Falcon Point, we believe having choices is an essential part of what makes life fun and exciting.

By empowering our memory care residents with agency over their day-to-day lives, we’re helping them live the life they want to live.

Discover chef-prepared meals that satisfy the soul at the Legacy at Falcon Point.

We provide supportive settings for residents to enjoy their meals in peace and comfort. Oh, did we mention that they’re also absolutely delicious?

Each resident gets personalized support from a team who understands and appreciates their needs. From support with daily activities to finding new opportunities to connect with the community, our focus is squarely on your loved one.

Connections is designed to provide comprehensive support through collaboration between caregivers, physicians, and family members.

Together, these teams develop individual lifestyle plans so everyone can live life to the fullest.

We’re at the forefront of senior living care, and we’ve adopted numerous technologies to provide your loved one with a warm, safe, comfortable experience. Through technologies like QuietCare and iN2L, we’re helping residents live the life they deserve

By drawing from your loved one’s past positive experiences, we encourage them to live life with fulfillment and happiness.

Cognitive impairments can affect families in a variety of ways, but we’re here to help. We provide support for family members with loved ones living with cognitive impairments so everybody feels safe, accepted, heard, and loved.

Connect with a Community That Cares

Our team is here to lift up your loved one and help them live life to its fullest. Come learn more about Connections and our approach to memory care today!

Why We’re Different


We’re better when we’re together. At The Legacy at Falcon Point, it’s our mission to create meaningful, lasting relationships between residents, staff, and families.


Stay curious and be passionate! We encourage constant growth by always offering new and exciting things to do. If you haven’t found a passion yet, you’ll find it at The Legacy at Falcon Point.


We strive to give back to those who have spent their whole lives caring for others and show them just how much we value and appreciate them.

Come join our community, where the fun and laughter never run out!

All Together

We provide the opportunity for our residents to connect with each other and grow together. Through love and care, we create an atmosphere that is more than just a community—it’s a family.

Our Lifestyles

Our dedicated team works closely with you to determine the ideal lifestyle for you, so every moment can be enjoyed with ease and comfort. Whether you prefer an active lifestyle or a more relaxed pace, we have something for everyone.

Take a look at our lifestyle options, or contact us today to schedule a visit.

Assisted Living

Assisted living provides the support you need to focus on what truly matters: connecting with others, growing as an individual, and experiencing the love and support of those around you.

Memory Care

Memory care is our lifestyle designed to help individuals with cognitive conditions make meaningful connections within their community and enjoy an elevated, enriching quality of life.

Respite Care

Does your primary caregiver need a break, or are you looking to try out our community? Look no further than our respite care lifestyle! 

Where to Find Us

We can be easily found on Katy Gap Road, just off of Grand Parkway.


  • 1520 Katy Gap Road
  • Katy, TX 77494

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